Since 2009, the Riaz Group has designed and built homes for the most discerning individuals, turning dreams into realities across the Bay Area. Riaz Home was born as a natural continuation, wishing to cater to clients' needs far beyond the completion of their dream home.

Our white glove home management service is designed to preserve your most precious asset – your time. 

Riaz Home is constantly exceeding expectations and delivering high quality products and solutions in accordance with our deeply instilled ethic of personal service. We strive to bring clients the security and luxury of being able to entrust us with the maintenance of their distinct residences and accomplish any personal task with taste and ease. Riaz Home represents and manages responsibilities on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the client's best interests are at the heart of every decision we make. Over many years, our team has built an unrivaled depth of reliability, quality, and connection with our clients –values we will steadfastly uphold in our quest to simplify and enhance lives.  



The Riaz Build team focuses on emphasizing craftsmanship and efficiency. We combine the expertise and resources of a large company with the refreshing personal relationships of a smaller firm, and serve as a one-stop shop to meet all the needs of our clients. We offer a refreshing departure from the contractor/architect model, approaching the construction process with the eye of a creative designer and the mind of a sensible developer. We have implemented 60+ projects over the last decade, ranging from interior remodels to multi-unit development projects. We deliver exceptional products that remain design-driven, while sensitive to time and budget.  >

Riaz Design’s unique vision has produced some of San Francisco’s most distinctive residences. Our integrated approach allows us to streamline the entire design experience, ultimately creating stylish, sophisticated homes that enhance the lives of our clients. We offer an array of services, from interior finishes to full-scale ground-up projects, with a consistent approach: we balance luxury and form with value and function.  >